Here we are giving you a brief outline of our financial products that we are currently dealing with at present.

Home Loan
Loan Against Property
Project Finance
Ventures Fund
Trade Finance
Invoice Funding
Bill Discounting
Private Equity
Wealth Management
NGO Funding
Fixed Deposit
Merger and Acquisition
Real Estate Advisory
Philanthropy Services
Education Loan
Commodity Trading 

Business Advisory:


Advises, formulates, plans, devises strategies for evaluation of brands & businesses, preparing budgets and projections, cross border business decisions &collaborations, designing & structuring financial and management systems, investigation and detection of irregularities, application of various international laws and practices inbound/ outbound investments with guidance on exchange control & management regulations, corporate laws applicability, corporate restructuring, etc.

We provides its services for financial/organizational restructuring of a project, buying or investing in business, merger & acquisition, one-time-settlement (OTS) of debts, getting optimum value for your assets/Business/NPAs, finding the correct strategic partner and other related services.

Identification of Business Opportunity & Start-up Services:

Whether it is a start-up or an already established firm, setting up a new business requires more than just capital and dream. These two have to be backed by sound knowledge of the market, government policies & incentives, authorities & business acumen.
MUNIYAPPAR SERVICES offers   start-up services to clients to smoothen the process of setting up business and help them identify the right business opportunity. Based on the requirements of the client, analyze and study implications of the factors affecting the external environment of the business like location, market condition, government policies, legal procedures etc.

Export-Import Intermediaries:

Many times, small business owners may not have the time or resources to pursue international sales. If there is a demand for the company's product, use of export intermediaries may prove beneficial.
MUNIYAPPAR Services can help with international sales and marketing efforts. In some instances, MUNIYAPPAR Services can help finance export sales. Some of these companies may provide short-term financing or may simply purchase the goods to be exported directly from the manufacturer. This eliminates any risks associated with the export transaction as well as the need for financing.
Only can be given from Nationalized Banks, Private Banks  , NBFC, International services in India.
Facilitator/Laisioning/Trade Services:
MUNIYAPPAR SERVICES deals in Mining, Metal Scrap, Power, Infrastructure, Herbal Plantation, Heavy Electrical Equipments ,IT Solutions, Ores & Minerals, Export-Import etc.

Availability: All Over India.